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Tallboys & Lowboys

We have the most breathtaking furniture sale on Dressers and Lowboys in Australia, impeccably positioned in your washroom or room and accessible in a choice of styles with a bureau and Cupboards worked in to suit your capacity needs.

Modern Tallboys Provide Stylish Storage for Every Room.

A tallboy is a tall chest of drawers. The name “kid” came from an English mistranslation of the French word ‘bois’ for wood. These mid-eighteenth-century staples were in each home, yet in the long run, the modest closet overwhelmed them. They have gotten back to their original form as of late, adding a bit of class to rooms and washrooms along with helpful capacity.

There is a huge assortment of tallboys available for purchase at Wood Factory, yet if this has piqued your interest, investigate our Room Furniture Range, particularly the fantastic value room bundles, where you can snag a deal on 3 to 5 matching things. If you have any desire to look at a few individual rooms’ stockpiling choices, we stock an expansive scope of Bedside Tables, vanities and Dressing Tables, and closets. For helping your room find solace, peruse our sumptuous sleeping Mattresses, hearty bed outlines, and staggering headboards.

Anyway, if you decide to use your tallboy or lowboy, you can be confident that Wood Factory has what you need in a variety of specific and unique styles to fit your budget.

Looking The Best Tallboys For Your Needs

In the event that capacity is the thing you’re pursuing, you can choose one with more than adequate bureau space or a chest of drawers to keep your room mess free. You can also use the surface of a tallboy to display decorative items, flowers, or photos, displaying your style and people in your daily life.

Wood Factory has a wide range of styles, varieties, and materials on offer; with such an option, you will undoubtedly find one that suits your requirements impeccably. Why not catch yourself a modestly tall boy with drawers today?

Is a Tallboy Perfect For You?

In the event that you really want capacity for your washroom basics but are lacking in space, the restroom tallboy could be for you. To fit all of your bathroom creams and mixtures, it has a small casing and a tall level.

Perhaps your room needs capacity, but the space would be overwhelmed by a large closet. In the event that you are searching for a striking piece of furniture to light up the room while simultaneously offering more than adequate capacity, the room tallboy is a gift we can present at a discounted price.

It is flexible and pragmatic and can add a hint of style to any room it’s set in with decoupage fronts, rare leg plans, or remarkable shapes. You can involve a tallboy in many rooms of the home where you’d require capacity: room, lounge, restroom, study, lounge area, and lobby. We have tallboys in all shapes and sizes that could help any home.

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