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Iwatani Mesh Grill Plate With Double Grilling Mesh 275*44mm

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    ● The taste of shichirin grilled on a cassette stove. You can enjoy plump and delicious grilled fish. ● Iwatani’s cassette Konro This is a grilled plate exclusively for the cassette stove. ● You can enjoy various ingredients such as grilled meat, seafood grilled, dried fish, rice cake, etc. deliciously with an open flame grill. ● Because it is a method of baking by releasing radiant heat to the baking surface using a radiant plate instead of burning with a flame, it is finished like a shichirin. ● The far-infrared effect from the central radiation plate and the steam from the water dish make it plump and delicious. ● The dent on the bottom fits into the trivet, so the plate does not slip easily and you can cook safely. ● Unlike Shichirin-yaki, which uses charcoal, using a cassette stove allows you to adjust the heating power freely, so you can bake according to the material to be baked, and it is easy to clean up afterwards. ■ Size: Body / diameter 290 x height 66 mm, gridiron / approx. 250 mm ■ Materials Recipient: Steel (enamel processing), Gridiron: Steel (chrome plating processing), Radiant plate: Steel (enamel processing) ■ Product weight: Approximately 940g ■ Color Black ■ Accessories: 2 gridirons

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